Potatoes from The Gourmet Potato Company
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Potatoes from The Gourmet Potato Company

A potatoes’ flavour, texture and nutrition integrity are governed by their root systems which are influenced very strongly by the quality of soils, the climate zone and the methods of growing.

Most potatoes in Australia are grown in sand and substandard soils: they are largely folio fertilised for fast growth. The result is limited flavour and texture development. 

These potatoes are REGENERATIVELY GROWN in soils rich in organic matter in a cool climate with superb rainfall in the Southern Highlands, New South Wales.


There is approximately 1.2kg of potatoes in each box.


Austrian Crescent

- Nutty flavour & waxy texture

Ideal to roast, salads, steam, soups


 Dutch Red

- Creamy flavour & waxy-floury texture

Roast, mash, steam, gratin, soups


Sebago Supreme

- Creamy flavour & waxy texture

Chips, scallops, roast, bake, mash




Sir James (currently unavailable)

- the high heat hasselback roaster


King Edward (currently unavailable)

- Fabulous roaster, stunning all rounder


Queen May (currently unavailable)

- Creamy flavour & creamy texture 

 Paris mash level, roast, samosa


Dakota Chief (currently unavailable)

- Creamy flavour & waxy texture

Roast, mash, steam, gratin, soups



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