Duro Pasta : Conchiglie
Duro Pasta : Conchiglie
Duro Pasta : Conchiglie
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Duro Pasta : Conchiglie

Duro Pasta is made from 100% Australian durum wheat, sustainably grown, harvested and milled in the “Golden Durum Triangle” of northern New South Wales.

Durum wheat is a “hard” (duro in Italian) wheat grain which after milling is known as semolina. The coarse ground golden coloured semolina is ideal for pasta making.

The growing conditions of this region produce wheat with a naturally high protein and low sodium content which is similar to the durum cultivated in southern regions of Italy. For this reason, the wheat from this locale is much sought after and renowned both domestically and internationally for its exceptional flavour and quality.

Duro's mission is to create a locally grown and produced artisanal pasta, 100% traceable from farm to plate that will showcase the quality of this authentic grain and support sustainable Aussie farmers.

Using traditional methods, Duro Pasta is extruded through bronze dies using high quality Italian made equipment. The pasta is then slow dried at low temperatures to best preserve the natural flavour & integrity of the wheat.

The technique of drawing pasta through bronze creates a rough exterior that provides a beneficial textured and porous surface for the sauce to cling to.

Duro Pasta has a firm “bite” and superior flavour which provide a naturally wholesome, nutritious and delicious pantry staple.

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